Nissan Juke-R concept: GT-R engine note unleashed

Nissan has teased us with a preview of the Juke-R concept’s GT-R-sourced engine growl before testing of the super-crossover starts later this month.
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The Japanese manufacturer is developing two Juke-R concepts – one in right-hand drive and the other in left-hand drive. Despite their road-legal design, Nissan says the Juke-R is strictly a concept. Both vehicles are destined to join the international motor show circuit in the coming months.

Powered by the 2010 Nissan GT-R’s 357kW twin-turbocharged V6 and equipped with the supercar’s drivetrain and suspension, Nissan calls the Juke-R the “most testosterone-packed compact crossover in the world”. The production version of the Juke – sold in Japan, Europe and North America, but not Australia – is powered by a range of considerably more docile four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

The body is finished in matt black paint and rides on the GT-R’s 20-inch forged alloy wheels. The large front bumper intakes provide cooling for the twin-turbo powerplant and subtle bonnet ducts help draw air through the engine bay. The split rear wing creates downforce to keep the Juke on the ground while the twin pentagonal exhausts are designed to enhance sound of the engine.

The cockpit is also heavily influenced by the GT-R, borrowing the steering wheel, pedals, switchgear and seven-inch touchscreen. Completing the hard-core package are twin racing seats with full harnesses and a race-spec roll cage.

Although the Juke-R is just a concept, Nissan admits it could go to work on a sportier production Juke if public reaction to the hot crossover is positive.

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