2012 Porsche Panamera GTS coming to Australia in March

The 2012 Porsche Panamera GTS has been unveiled at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.
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Porsche Australia is now taking orders for the $315,000 Panamera GTS, which is set to arrive in Australia by March. The price makes the GTS $17,900 more expensive than the Panamera 4S on which it is based.

Short for Gran Turismo Sport, Porsche says the GTS is the “purist member” of the four-door Panamera family.

Powered by a 316kW/520Nm 4.8-litre V8, the GTS produces 22kW and 20Nm more than the Panamera S and 4S models. With a 0-100km/h sprint time of 4.5 seconds, the GTS is half a second quicker than the 4S and nine-tenths faster than the S. It’s 288km/h top speed also puts it marginally ahead of the S and 4S, although it’s still a little off the pace of the 300km/h-plus Turbo models.

Teamed with Porsche’s active all-wheel drive and the brand’s seven-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission, the Panamera GTS uses 10.9 litres of fuel per 100km and emits 256g/km CO



The GTS sits 10mm lower to the ground than its S/4S siblings. The chassis incorporates adaptive air suspension and an active suspension management system, which is designed to increase comfort and driving dynamics by self-levelling the spring rates and damping.

Porsche says the aerodynamics of the Panamera GTS is on par with the Turbo model, aided by the large front air intake and the adaptive four-way rear spoiler. The GTS also shares the Turbo’s 14-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels.

The luxurious cabin includes 18-way adjustable front sports seats, steering wheel with shift paddles and five interior colour options for the leather and alcantara upholstery.

Among the highlights is the ‘Sound Symposer’, which directs the engine intake noise into the interior when the Sport button is pushed.

The 2012 Panamera GTS launches internationally in February.

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