Toyota is getting ready for the world premieres of three ultra-fuel-efficient concepts at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show on November 30: the Toyota Fun-Vii, the Toyota FCV-R, and the Toyota FT-EV III.
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The Toyota Fun-Vii concept (Fun-Vehicle interactive internet) will be the most futuristic concept on the Toyota stand. Limited details are available so far, although Toyota says it will showcase technologies that build a solid link between society, cars and people. It's unlikely this concept will ever hit the market, with Toyota describing it as "far out" in terms of production, but elements could be used to inspire more conventional mainstream cars in the future.

Next up is the Toyota FCV-R concept (Fuel Cell Vehicle – Reality and Revolution). The FCV-R adopts an elegant sedan design with four seats and a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. The eco-friendly system comprises a high-pressure hydrogen tank which provides a range of up to 692km. Again, the FCV-R is only a concept, but Toyota says it is planning on releasing a hydrogen vehicle in 2015.

Finally, the Toyota FT-EV III concept (Future Toyota – Electric Vehicle III) is a four-seat city car based on the Toyota iQ (not currently sold in Australia). It features a lithium-ion battery pack powering an electric motor. Designed for short-distance travel, the Toyota FT-EV III has a full-charge range of around 105km. Toyota is planning to put a production version of the concept on the market in 2012.

The three concepts will debut alongside the production versions of the Toyota FT-86 sports car and the Toyota Prius C compact hybrid, which will both go on sale in Australia in 2012.