Ferrari California 'GTO' turbo spy shots

Ferrari has been spotted testing a hotter, turbocharged version of the Ferrari California hardtop convertible. Our spy photographers have nicknamed it the Ferrari California GTO.
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There's no official word from Ferrari that it is working on a 'GTO' version of the California, but it is working on a sportier facelifted iteration of sorts. We expect it to showcase a range of performance revisions over the current model, including a more focused suspension setup, new alloy wheels, a more aggressive body, and, potentially, a turbocharged engine.

In its current form, the Ferrari California comes with a 338kW/485Nm 4.3-litre V8. According to our spy photographers, Ferrari is working on a turbo engine. It's unclear if the turbocharged engine will be based on the existing V8, or if it will be put into production at all. Standing trackside, however, our photographers were adamant this prototype was turbocharged.

The propped bonnet and vents also give some of the game away. These could be used to draw in air to feed the turbocharger. There also seems to be a new bulge in the bonnet on the right-hand side, making way for additional components.

If Ferrari is planning to produce a turbocharged engine for the showroom, it will be the first time since the Ferrari F40 of the late 80s and only the fourth time in Ferrari's history (the only other turbocharged Ferrari street vehicles were the Ferrari 288 GTO of 1984/85, and the Ferrari 328 GTB/GTS turbo).

Could this prototype be a spiritual successor to the 288 GTO? We'll keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

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