Holden & Ford most petrol-hungry

The federal government has released its Green Vehicle Guide online, naming and shaming a variety of popular vehicles for their average fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Holden & Ford most petrol-hungry
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The Holden Commodore has been named as the most "petrol-hungry" of Australia's big-selling cars, closely followed by its rival, the Ford Falcon.

"More than ever, it's important to consider not only the car's ticket price but also its ongoing running and environmental costs," Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said.

On average, a Holden Commodore will cost $2430 in petrol to run per year and will put out 3.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide doing so. The Ford Falcon does the same distance costing $2272 in fuel and releasing 3.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The most surprising news however, was the Mazda 3, which came third, costing $1845 in petrol. Meanwhile Australia's most popular car, the Toyota Corolla came fourth with a $1672 yearly petrol cost.

2008 Toyota Yaris RUSH

Out of all the cars tested, the Green Vehicle Guide recommends the Toyota Yaris as the cheapest option for getting around (not including hybrids). The Yaris costs $1350 a year.

The Prius was the cheapest hybrid car to run, with a total bill $990 in fuel each year. CO2 emissions for the 'revolutionary' Prius where half of the Commodore's at 1.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

For more information you can check out the Green Vehicle Guide at (which ironically, is currently off-line with "Server too busy" errors).

CarAdvice recently conducted a fuel economy test with a new VE SS Commodore to find out if the era of big V8s is coming to an end. The results will be released before the end of next week.