The torrential rains in Thailand have set back vehicle production for Toyota in Japan, as many parts and supplies come from facilities built and shipped from Thai regions.
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After the horrific tsunami and subsequent floods that ravaged Japan earlier this year, some automotive production workers have been put into overdrive to try to make up for lost sales and vehicle output. These latest floods have brought about further workloads, with companies operating longer hours.

Fortunately, Toyota has announced that production in Japan is expected to resume to normal levels in the week November 21 to 25. Toyota production facilities elsewhere around the world affected by parts shortages are still being analysed, however, Toyota says timing will depend on the circumstances in the coming weeks.

According to a recent Automotive News report, Toyota had to set back production at Thai plants and facilities in Japan due to the Thai floods. This put big delays on vehicle production, with up to 87,000 fewer vehicles produced in Thailand, and 40,000 fewer in Japan.

Toyota isn't the only company to suffer from the recent floods, Honda also has major operations in Thailand and had to close down certain facilities in waterlogged areas. Other carmakers such as Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Mazda have also been affected by the floods.

It's unknown at this stage how the floods will affect yearly sales figures for both companies.