2008 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Review

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2008 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Review & Road Test

Weapon of mass production

Power & Torque; Predictable Handling; Sweet Exhaust Note
Brake Pedal Feel; Road Noise; No Seat Heaters on Leather

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- by Matt Brogan

But the XR6T isn't all about ego stroking and big grins - ah, who am I kidding, of course it is! In fact if driving it doesn't bring a grin to your face then you're either unwashed, hugging trees and singing Kumbayah around the commune campfire or about to have the paddles placed on your chest, just before they shout "clear". Yes, it's that good. In fact, it's better than good, it's bloody brilliant. Easily the best value for money performance sedan on the market.

The menu screens and functionality of the Command Centre (or Human Machine Interface) system are as easy to use as channel surfing from the couch and offer a complete break down of vehicle settings, audio control, phone, lighting, alarm and (optional) satellite navigation. The 3D system is easy to use and has a nifty little remote control so the passengers can play too, taking their mind off all the fun you're having in the captain's seat.

With steering wheel mounted controls for cruise and audio being logical and simple to find, about my only remaining issue would be is that the upgraded stereo package lacks any real substance at volume, instead distorting and breaking up when challenged. It's fine at mid-range and has good clarity with the iPod connected but just suffers a little more than it should for the premium price.

Luxury Pack includes Nudo Shadow Leather Trim

A little snap crackle and pop can be heard on hard down shifts proving yet again that a well sorted in-line six has a note all of it's own, and with a little bit of boost behind it it's aurally one of the most pleasing and grin inducing symphonies I know of, even if it does eat in to your fuel bill just slightly.

Sharper steering with better feedback and quicker response than BFII makes pointing the XR6T an incorrigibly mischievous practice, especially when riding half tacho in turns where the temptation to induce oversteer is almost impossible to resist.

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Mid corner lumps and bumps are evident with the 19" alloys but still feel less intrusive through the column than its predecessor, thanks to the remounting of the steering rack. In all the package is a cut above the rivals and with just 2.6 turns lock-to-lock you'll not believe the car is as big as it really is.

Once your foot’s accustom to it, and is trained to do a little more work, it’s of little consequence and the ABS (with EBA & EBD) is well calibrated enough that anyone wanting some fun on track days will not be left wanting.

Curtain airbags are available on top of the front and side units offered as standard for a nominal charge and are in my opinion worth every cent, especially when you consider how easy it is to get this thing sideways.

So if you've got the money buy two - drive one, drive it hard and stick the other away. This is a future classic, an absolute weapon of choice, and for the price I'd recommend it to any red blooded male whose testosterone isn't under lock and key.

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