Three futuristic Honda concepts are headed for the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show later this month, including the Honda AC-X Concept, Honda Small Sports EV Concept, and Honda Micro Commuter Concept. All feature a super fuel-efficient powertrain.
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The Honda AC-X Concept is a sedan showcasing a new fluidic and aerodynamic design. Honda hasn't released official engine specifications, however, the AC-X will be powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain offering “engine drive mode for more spirited driving" and "an automatic drive mode for more relaxed driving".

Making up the sports car segment of the concepts on show will be the Honda Small Sports EV Concept. It presents a sleek open-top compact layout using a fully electric powertrain. Honda calls it "a next-generation compact EV sports model, fun to drive while achieving excellent environmental performance". Some reports have jumped on the possibility of the Sports EV acting as a precursor to a modern-day Honda NSX successor.

For the increasingly popular micro city car segment, Honda will unveil the Honda Micro Commuter Concept. Again, Honda has held back on revealing more specific details, although we know it will feature a fully electric powertrain. Interestingly, Honda says the Micro Commuter is fitted with a "HONDA MOTOR COMPO two-wheel EV slotted inside" the vehicle.

Also on show at the Honda stand at the Tokyo Motor Show this year will be a Honda Townwalker and the Honda N BOX.

The Townwalker is a personal urban mobility scooter for commuting around urban or city areas. Honda says the Townwalker can fit into the back of a car simply by folding the steering and seat.

Meanwhile, the Honda N BOX is a compact and space-efficient vehicle that will go into production for limited markets.

Look out for coverage on these and plenty of other exhibits at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show in the coming weeks. The show starts on November 30.