Road toll report: WA the worst

For the third year in a row, Western Australia has claimed the title of the worst state in Australia for road deaths per capita.
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Yesterday, a report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau showed that in the last financial year there were 10.4 road deaths per 100,000 West Australians. Respectively, next worst region was Tasmania, with 8.3 deaths per 100,000. Queensland had 7.9 deaths per 100,000, South Australia 6.8, Victoria 6.3, New South Wales 5.7 and the ACT had just 4.4 deaths per 100,000 people.

WA's automobile club, the RAC, said it was sick of the current government's lack of progress on road safety.

"The one thing that concerns us most is the fatality rate is still up there with the worst," RAC Executive Manager, Member Advocacy David Moir said. "Only the Northern Territory is up there with us, and that's no endorsement.""What is most disturbing is that WA has been up there for the past couple of years," Mr Moir said. "The Government needs to get this new road safety strategy implemented as soon as possible. We are concerned there's no step-up in the Government's efforts on road safety at the moment, when we have a serious problem with road safety in WA."

This is despite an increase in speed cameras, and more visible police cars with highly reflective livery.

Regardless of where we live in this country, deaths on the roads are not acceptable.

CarAdvice would like to know what your strategy for tackling the road toll would be. What would you present to your state government, as a solution to bringing down the road toll?