Jaguar XF embarks on US Coast to Coast challenge

Jaguar kicked off an ambitious 4500km drive yesterday across 11 US states. The drive itself may not be all that challenging, but Jaguar has shipped an XF 2.2D across to New York to see what kind of economy is possible from the remarkable engine.
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Independent test drivers David and Alexander Madgwick, an uncle-nephew team who specialise in economy driving, have been put behind the wheel to ensure fuel use is minimised.

Helping things is the cold weather, which will mean better economy, but dealing with traffic in the United States could be another challenge altogether.

The XF 2.2D is powered by a 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine and mated to an eight-speed automatic with stop-start technology. Because the US hasn't really embraced diesel, this is actually the first diesel Jaguar to ever arrive in the United States.

You can follow the progress of the journey by clicking here, or visit Jaguar's Facebook page (