2005 Jeep Cherokee Renegade Warranty Complaint

When we first started the Warranty Complaints section, we thought it would be a great idea to list as many warranty complaints as we get sent, to give buyers warnings and some idea of the problems experienced with different makes and models as well as dealers, but so far, we've had well over 100 complaints... with the majority regarding Jeeps!
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Most users don't want the information posted (as it may affect their warranty proceedings), however there are a few brave souls who have had enough. One of them is who is letting the world know is Gilda C. from Glendenning NSW.

Her story follows:

In March 2005, we purchased a Jeep Cherokee Renegade. We went through our first service on the 26/10/2005 and I paid $370.00.Unfortunately we did not test drive the car believing that it is a good and reliable car with a good reputation given its status as a Jeep Cherokee.

One day when I reached work I noticed a set of red words and numbers on the dashboard of the car saying type 42, I rang the service department at the Jeep dealer and they came and they found out that the tyre is flat, and I asked what this means and he said that it will just go away it is nothing.

Then the first recall come, E14 recall that was on 13/01/2006.

24,000KM service date 30/06/2006

Not even a month there is another problem, july 2006 we are hearing noises when braking so we call the service department again and tell them what we notice on the car and they told as to bring the car in. So we went and they check the car and we were told to come back when the parts arrive.

Couple of weeks later they ring us saying that the parts have just arrive so we had an arrangement what day and time to go to the service,they even sent us a message about the appointment, so we went but we were told that the parts are not available. I was so upset but I had no choice but to wait again.

I told them that every time we had an appointment with them we have to take a day off work .They said it is just a miscommunication.

So they called us again and said that the parts are available but the exact same thing happened again, there were no parts and this time I was really upset and told them why they keep on calling us to come here when there are no parts available, that time I asked for the manager and asked him for an explanation, he said the same thing, miscommunication.

Finally parts arrive 18/09/2006,they change the pads,rear disc -KJ and CLIP ANTI RATTL.

two weeks later they call us again for another racall it is about the lower ball joint to be replace, 02/10/2006.

January this year (2007) another problem came out and now it is the brake,every time you brake in 80KM/H the steering wheel is shaking so we call again.

date 25/01/2007 another recall for the brakes.
Im now scared of the car as it has had so many recalls, a brand new car, a JEEP with the reputation of a good car and the people in the dealership are so rude to us, I just cant beilived this is happening to us.

thank you for reading my letter and we just hope for your help to rectify this problem.
Kind Regards,


The continues reports of Jeep problems have given all of us a big grave warning to stay as far away from Jeep as possible.

For those of you who read the site regularly, you should note the recent Reliability Survey conducted in the UK which found Jeep as the WORSE VEHICLE brand in terms of reliability with 46% of all buyers having to go back for warranty complaints!