MG coming back

Last year the MG brand really came to an end, passing from car company to car company and with no ace up it's sleeve, MG had become a joke. So when no one else wanted MG, Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation from China offered to buy out all MG assets and intellectual property. The idea behind this move was really to buy the name and use it to build Chinese cars branded as MGs.
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This lasted for a few months before Nanjing decided to change MGs name, yes its still called MG, but it no longer stands for Morris Garages, it now stands for Modern Gentlemen... yep. But thats okay, its still really just MG. Having changed its name, Nanjing is hoping to start production of new MG vehicles as early as next month.

A vehicle based on the MG TF roadster will be first on the agenda. Is it coming to Australia? No news on that yet. However as more and more Chinese car manufacturers look abroad to expand their markets, Australia is becoming a serious market. Companies like VolksWagen already import Chinese made models to Australia, but when actual Chinese branded vehicles will land on our doorstep is another story.

The next 5-10 years should be a very interesting time for the Australian Car Industry as more and more cheap Asian cars will be imported to combat the locally built (and struggling) vehicles.

I would think that history will once again repeat it self, and as with Japanese cars (and Korean cars) that once started life as "unreliable hunks of crap" and turned into the most reliable vehicles money can buy, Chinese cars are sure to follow the same path.