Range Anxiety with Mitsubishi i-MiEV (video)

Mitsubishi Australia has only sold about ten i-MiEV electric cars, which is not much considering the hype surrounding the very first full electric car to be sold in Australia. Mitsubishi has started putting together a series of web episodes explaining the technology and myths that are confusing potential buyers.
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This first episode deals with Range Anxiety - the misconception that an electric car will run out of juice and leave you stranded. Research shows that more than 90 percent of Australian drivers travel less than 100km a day, which the i-MiEV can easily handle.

Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management, Paul Unerkov, said “As EV technology is new to many consumers, there is a wide range of misconceptions in the marketplace regarding electric vehicles. We developed the EVidence as a tool to help educate our customers about our newest product, the i-MiEV, and also to pave the way for our future electric and plug-in hybrid models.

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