An Italian woman suffered shock and dizzy spells and was forced to go to the hospital after receiving a parking fine for 32,000 euros ($42,440).
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The Repubblica newspaper in Italy reported Silicy police issued the head-spinning fine to the woman and her husband earlier this month.

The fine was supposed to be dated 2008, however a clerical error resulted in it being dated back to the year 208, leading to 1803 years of interest and late fees being compounded on top of each other.

Police were alerted to their mistake and reissued a revised fine for 102 euros ($135).

The woman was released from hospital unharmed. Her husband has since paid the revised fine.

The year 208 would have been an unfortunate one to cop a parking fine in the region. Ignoring the fact that cars were almost 1700 years away from being invented, 208 marked the year that Roman Emperor Septimus Severus led an expedition of 20,000 men across Hadrian’s Wall and into eastern Scotland. We think they might have had a few more important things on their minds.