Childhood fantasies of owning your own supercar are realized for some, but for a very select few, being able to own the actual supercar manufacturer is becoming an increasingly popular choice. First it was the Russian Billionare who bought TVR, and now Australia's richest man, James Packer, is contemplating buying Aston Martin.
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Aston Martin had never made money in its 92 year existence till 2005, and in that 92 years, it has gone bankrupt a painstaking seven times! However the companies fortunes are turning around slowly with 2006 seeing 4,500 vehicles being made by the one time British manufacturer. Yes I say one time, because since 1994 US Giant Ford (whom incidently lost 16 billion dollars last year) has owned Aston Martin.

Back to Mr Packer, at 39 years old, there must be a few things left that money can't buy for James, but owning his own navy blue Aston Marin DB9 has made him keen to to join a group of Australian investors seeking to buy the company. Will he do it? Well even if we are Mr Packer's biggest fans, who wouldn't like to see Aston Martin owned by Aussies? Mr Packer has till Wednesday, January 31 to decide.