Current Land Rover Defender production is set to continue until 2017, a recent Autocar report says, proving there could be more legs in the rough and rugged SUV yet.
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One of the hurdles the current Land Rover Defender faces, like every new model vehicle that comes out, is whether or not it can pass ever-tightening emissions regulations. The next target for all manufacturers is the Euro 6 emissions laws, which are set to be in place in 2014.

In the Land Rover Defender's case, its 2.2-litre diesel engine has already been designed to pass Euro 6 standards. This is said to contribute to the likelihood of Land Rover continuing production of the current model.

On top of this, the category into which the Defender falls could also allow Land Rover to continue production. A number of years ago the Defender was classified as a commercial vehicle instead of a passenger vehicle, this means it might not have to pass Euro 6 until 2015.

At the time of writing, the law states light commercial vehicles between 1305kg and 3500kg aren't set to be Euro 6 compliant until September 2015, as opposed to passengers vehicles where the law will be in place in September 2014.

Another law-related hurdle Land Rover could jump allowing production to continue is the possibility of the Defender getting a pedestrian impact exemption for safety standards. However, a date for this is yet to be confirmed.

Despite all this, Land Rover is set to release the all-new Defender in 2015. Could this mean that both new and old models will sell side by side? We'll keep you updated.