Audi A1 1.6 TDI heading to showrooms

If the super quick and frugal 1.4-litre TSI Audi A1 didn't tickle your fancy, Audi Australia is adding a 1.6 TDI variant for diesel lovers.
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Powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged diesel engine, the little Audi produces 66kW and 230Nm of torque. To showcase the diesel A1's super frugal drivetrain, Audi Australia entered a model into the 3028km World Solar Challenge to demonstrate the car's low fuel consumption.

Today it managed a respectable 3.2L/100km but it's most likely to use about 3.8L/100km when driven normally (4.2L/100km for the S tronic auto). That's in comparison to 5.2L/100km for the current base model 1.4 TFSI Attraction ($29,990).

The diesel A1 weighs 1135kg and comes with low rolling resistance tyres as well as the company's start/stop technology which helps save fuel by turning the engine off when the A1 is stationary at traffic lights. The engine restarts the instant the clutch pedal is operated.

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