Ford Focus 200km/h crash test: video

Various crash test facilities around the world are set up to test the safety of new vehicles. In Australia, most front end crash tests are conducted at 64km/h. Here's a video of a crash test conducted at 120mph, or just under 200km/h.
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It may seem a bit silly to crash test a car at this speed, but the reality is, there are loads and loads of high-speed accidents that occur on our roads every year. And some of them, unfortunately, involve head-on collisions on highways with speed limits of 90-100km/h.

A head-on car accident at 100km/h, with another car also doing 100km/h would result in certain death for all occupants. This test, conducted by Fifth Gear in the UK, shows the sort of consequences you could expect from a high-speed front end crash just like that, although this test is more severe.

The test was conducted on a first-generation Ford Focus hatch, which was pulled into a wall front-on at 120mph. As the presenter outlines, the Focus decellerated from the speed to a stop in just 68 milliseconds. Occupants would experience the forces of up to 400 g.

Take a look below. It's frightening to think hundreds of accidents with a similar result to this are occurring on the roads every year.