James May to BBC - "Sod off"

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James May to BBC - “Sod off”
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It's been a while since the episode went to air, but last week, James May lashed out at the BBC Trust's editorial standards committee's criticism for drinking while driving in Top Gear's "Polar Special".

In the episode, May and co-host Jeremy Clarkson are seen sipping gin and tonic while driving their highly modified Toyota Hilux. But apparently some viewers took offence to the scene, and complained to the BBC.

The BBC Trust committee labelled the act as 'grossly irresponsible'. But May hit out, saying that the pair were not on roads covered by law.

'When I saw the ruling in the paper, I thought 'you can sod off', said May. 'We were in the middle of nowhere - literally in the middle of the sea - and we were neither in any danger, nor posed any danger to anyone or anything for hundreds of miles.''It's bloody hard work driving to the Pole, and having a nice gin and tonic was something we totally deserved. We weren't drunk - we were merely having a drink. It wasn't like we set out to deliberately cause controversy.'

CarAdvice would like to know what you think. Were you offended? And was it irresponsible?

Here is the segment in question:

Source: This is London