A French company called Genty has entered the supercar foray with the Akylone, a four-year project which will culminate in its reveal tomorrow.
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While there's not a lot of information running around about the car, what we do know is it will weigh around 1100kg and produce over 1000hp. Of course many supercar makers come and go, so we won't hold our breath until a production version is revealed.

Genty's Facebook page has this to say about the car (if you'll excuse the Google Translate rendition):

Tribute to the beauty and performance, AKYLONE is the ultimate expression of pleasure and passion for cars. The culmination of a unique technological know-how combined with the use of advanced materials. With its harmonious lines enhanced by exceptional finish, she poses as heiress of the values ??of prestige craft in France. AKYLONE represents the subtle alchemy between uncompromised performance and emotion that can generate a true work of art.

We'll bring you more information once it's revealed, however you can take a look through these teaser videos Genty has produced in the meantime.