Nissan is working on three new safety technologies called Acceleration Suppression, Multi-Sensing System, and Predictive Forward Collision Warning System, all of which aim to reduce the risk of accidents, including incidents involving pileups and drivers accidentally hitting the accelerator pedal instead of the brake pedal.
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Acceleration Suppression, using systems from the Around View Monitor setup including four cameras and sensors, will be all about avoiding accidents where the driver accidentally hits the go pedal instead of the brake pedal. The systems can determine if a burst of acceleration is safe or necessary in a tight car park for instance, and can apply the brakes to reduce potential damages.

The Multi-Sensing System will work in a similar way to Volvo's City Safety program, whereby cameras and sensors are used to scan surroundings and help to avoid collisions with pedestrians and other motorists. The system is also able to provide blind-spot warning and moving object detection.

Nissan is also working on a Predictive Forward Collision Warning System which will be capable of providing an early warning to pileup accidents. The system uses sensors to determine the difference in velocity of two cars in front, providing an early warning if one of them slows or stops suddenly. The driver is warned via audio and visuals when to apply the brakes.

Take a look at the videos below for more details on the safety systems. Nissan hopes to introduce these technologies in mainstream cars in the near future.