Smart car's smart fortwo CDI has won the 2011 ALD Automotive Shell FuelSave MPG Marathon in the Europe after recording an overall average fuel consumption rating of just 2.85L/100km.
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Earlier this week, you may remember the Vauxhaull Monaro VXR was awarded 'most improved' in the MPG Marathon, recording an average fuel consumption rating of just 7.3L/100km, compared with the factory rating of 11.2L/100km - not a bad achievement for a 6.2-litre V8.

The smart CDI on the other hand, may not be a brute powerhouse like the VXR, in fact, it features one of the world's smallest turbo-diesel engines (800cc, three-cylinder) providing 40kW of power and has an official fuel consumption rating of 3.3L/100km.

Gary Savage, managing director Mercedes-Benz Cars said,

“To win this incredibly tough challenge for three years on the trot is an exceptional result, more than 15 per cent better than the official combined fuel consumption figure of 85.6mpg (3.3L/100km). My thanks to Mick and Ella for delivering another victory.“smart has been pushing the boundaries of environmental motoring for 13 years now, and as well as being frugal, it’s also fun to drive. Next year the electric drive goes on sale, which doesn’t emit any local emissions at all.”

Driven by Mick Linford and co-driver Ella Flynn, the team hoped to achieved the 100mpg mark, but just fell short, saying,

"I was determined to break the magical 100mpg mark this year, but the weather and one particularly hilly section was against us. To get so close is a double-edged sword - but I'm delighted that the smart delivered these incredible results despite the challenges!"