Lexus LFA Test Drive Preview

Victoria’s Sandown motor racing circuit was the venue for our test drive of the Lexus LFA supercar today and we’ve still got a smile on our faces.
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Easily one of the most sought after supercars on the planet with only 500 to ever be built and a sell out in Australia at the bargain price of $700,000 a piece. Granted, we will only get nine of these sensational cars, but Lexus boss Tony Cramb, says, that they are holding more orders than they can possibly fill.

If you’re not using a few too many superlatives to describe the LFA’s on-track performance, then my guess is, you haven’t driven it, or you didn’t push it anywhere near the car’s extraordinary limits.

The LFA is a hand built masterpiece by the Japanese luxury carmaker, Lexus. But the LFA this is no ordinary Lexus, no sir. Rather, this is quite possibly one of the most rewarding supercars we’ve driven in years.

Powered by proper hand built 4.8-litre V10 engine developing 412 kW and 480 Nm, it redlines at a remarkable 9000 rpm where it screams like an F1 car on a qualifying lap.

It’s not just quick from a standing start either, (try 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds), top speed is a blisteringly fast 325km/h.

Dynamically, the LFA will blow you away with how much speed it can carry into corners and just how easy it is to handle when driven in anger. US Sports car racer Scott Pruett, demonstrated that to us in no uncertain terms today.

It’s a hugely rewarding car to drive on track and one of the best-balanced and beautifully behaved supercars we are ever likely to pilot.

CarAdvice will post a full review of the LFA within twenty-four-hours.