Nissan Juke-R - GT-R powered Juke?

How often have you wondered what it'd be like if a car company put a ridiculously powerful engine from its supercar into a normal car? Maybe a Ferrari 458 engine in an Alfa or a 911 Turbo engine in a Golf? Well, Nissan have just released details of the Juke-R. A Nissan Juke powered by a Nissan GT-R.
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Apart from the Volkswagen Golf GT W12-650 we saw a few years back - these sorts of wild experiments are generally rather rare. Much like the concept Golf, the Nissan Juke-R is being made to test the public's reaction to a hyper-Juke.


Beneath those huge flared wheel arches sits 20-inch GT-R rims which are powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 taken straight out of the GT-R production line. The Juke-R is indeed using a modified version of the GT-R's 4WD system, so chances are it will have some seriously impressive ride and handling capabilities.

On the inside it's also a case of GT-R meets Juke. The supercar's gauges, dials and LCD display are transplanted across whilst the original Juke centre console (inspired by a motorcycle fuel-tank) remains unchanged.

If you're keen to see how Nissan is going about developing the Juke-R, check out their facebook page. And whilst you're on facebook, make sure you "like" us too.