Dartz reveals MOJO, JO-MOJO sports cars

Latvian vehicle manufacturer Dartz – most famous for its military-style Prombron armoured SUV – has released the first images and details of its venture into the world of sports cars.
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The eccentric manufacturer plans to sell two variants of its new creation: a high-performance petrol-powered model is called the MOJO, and an all-electric version called the JO-MOJO.

As the names suggest, the cars promise to be anything but conventional. Both lack traditional doors, with the designers instead opting for a glass cover that slides backwards from the cabin to cover the rear-mounted engine/electric motor.

Dartz is yet to reveal the specifications of the MOJO’s petrol engine, but has confirmed the JO-MOJO will incorporate solar panels to assist drive in some capacity.

Fortunately, unlike the Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition, no whale penises will be harmed in the making of the MOJO twins. (The Red Diamond Edition was initially intended to feature leather upholstery manufactured from the skins of whale penises, but public outcry forced Dartz to opt for a synthetic whale skin vinyl instead.)

The new Dartz sports cars will be unveiled at Top Marques Monaco 2012 in April.

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