General Motors has toppled Nissan at the Nürburgring with its new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 supercar, lapping the benchmark circuit marginally quicker than the infamous GT-R.
Corvette ZR1 topples GT-R at Nürburgring
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The GT-R's blisteringly quick lap of 7:29 cemented its position as the greatest bang-for-buck buy on the market, and has since been the target for manufacturers keen to claim a spot in the bargain performance stakes.

A successor has emerged from a very unlikely source, with General Motors development engineer Jim Mero driving the Corvette ZR1 around the Nürburgring in a time of 7:26.4 - almost 3 seconds faster than the GT-R.

Corvette ZR1 topples GT-R at Nürburgring

Aside from additional safety and communications equipment, the car used was completely stock, running the factory Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres - developed specifically for the ZR1.

Chassis alignment, ride height and engine calibrations were all set to factory specifications with the car running on standard pump fuel.

Corvette ZR1 topples GT-R at Nürburgring

The lap was electronically timed and verified by two hand-held stop watches with a rolling start as per industry practice.

GM plans to release the full in-car video of the record breaking lap in the coming week.