Kia to focus on quality not quantity: CEO

Kia plans to focus on improving the quality of its products as it hones in on this year's sales goals. Kia CEO Lee Sam-ung says the company will be looking to achieve targets without opening up new production facilities.
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Despite a far from buoyant global economy, Kia has a target to sell 2.5 million cars this year, and it is going to try as hard as it can to get there. Kia CEO Lee Sam-ung spoke about the plans at a recent Kia Rio launch event, saying,

"Global auto demand is expected to deteriorate, but we will launch new models, strengthen local promotions and enhance brand competitiveness to cope."

To help reach the sales goal, Kia will be amping up the quality of its products and lifting its brand image - an ability the company has certainly been able to showcase in the past 10 years. Even though current production can only facilitate so many cars, Kia would rather focus on the nature of its products. Lee Sam-ung said,

"Quantitative growth is important, but qualitative growth is also important. We plan to focus on improving product quality and our brand."

Falling in line with this strategy is the new Kia Rio. Last year, the previous model was Kia's third-best-selling vehicle globally, totalling 224,942 sales. Kia expects that figure to shoot up to 260,000 next year with the improved, all-new model.

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