Alfa Romeo executives have cancelled plans for a new large Alfa Romeo SUV, but at the same time, the company has revealed it is working on a new rear-wheel drive flagship sedan. The new sedan is being developed as part of plans for the Italian brand to be a global competitor in the Volkswagen and Volvo light luxury segment.
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The new Alfa Romeo sedan will be like a modern version of the old Alfa Romeo 75, and the 166 to a certain degree, only rear-wheel drive. Upon initial speculation, it was thought the Alfa sedan would be based on a Maserati platform under the Fiat ownership umbrella, however, according to a recent report, Alfa Romeo has revealed the sedan will use a V6 engine layout which has sparked the more likely possibly of the car being based on the next-generation Chrysler 300C.

Basing the new sedan on a Chrysler platform will also tie in well with Alfa Romeo's plan to return to the US market, set to take place in 2013. The new Alfa Romeo sedan could be built alongside the 300C at US factories, for local sale.

The new sedan, which is said to be called either the Montreal or 6C, is set for a 2014 release. Alfa Romeo has said that it aims to ramp up total sales of its vehicles by that time, from the current projected 155,000 sales this year, to 400,000.

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