Vygor Italian sports car designed by Ron Burgundy?

The Vygor is Italy’s newest supercar. There are very few confirmed details about this mysterious stallion, which will be unveiled on October 10. It may or may not be called the n.01, according to some reports.
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This teaser is currently the only image we have of the Vygor. Clearly, it has an aggressive face with sculpted LEDs and a seemingly long bonnet.

Judging by the short press release that accompanied the image, it also appears the car may have been designed by Ron Burgundy.

The company says Vygor embodies “the emotion of touching a panther”. It is a “unique work of art challenging the road with proud eyes, the body sinuous like a feline and the elegance of a dream”.

Vygor promises an “emotional car”, describing the thunder of the engine as “pure adrenalin, aggressive and biting as you have always dreamt but also mild as silk”.

It’s charmingly poetic, and we can hardly wait to see if the actual car lives up to the hype.

The Vygor is the latest in a string of sports car unveiled recently, following the Eterniti Hemera, Rimac Concept One and the Arrinera from Poland.