2008 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Review

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2008 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Review and Road Test

One of life's little luxuries.

Capable & Economic Engine, Handsome Styling, Boot Space
Rear Leg Room, Tyre Noise, Due for a Facelift

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- by Matt Brogan

Volkswagen’s Golf based Bora replacement has been kicking around for a couple of years now and despite having had the pleasure of our company before, Jetta decided to pay another visit to the CarAdvice office to see if after all this time its most recent guise was still a relevant contender.

Volkswagen Jetta Mk I was awarded a Five Star NHTSA Rating

What has remained unchanged since Jetta's humble beginnings is the five star safety rating and continued offering of a diesel engine which, fortunately for us, offers substantially more go than the original 1.6-litre whose 37kW was sure to struggle with the proverbial custard skin.

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Acceleration is strong after a brief initial (turbo) lag and the sprint to 100km/h can be managed in around 10 seconds, provided you make good use of manual mode on the brilliant DSG gearbox.

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One nifty VW idea, which some other car companies are beginning to adopt, is the passenger wing mirror dipping in and downward when reverse is selected to better aid parallel parking. Combined with the rear parking sensors, this simple feature makes parking a job even novices will grow to love.

When all is said and done yes, you could find a cheaper similar sized sedan elsewhere but, if the budget allows, why would you? Jetta is simply too good to pass up and has an elite air about it which combined with sparkling fuel economy figures, near unparalleled safety and renowned Volkswagen reliability makes for a stylish sedan worthy of any driveway.

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