History of Ferrari's Prancing Horse badge: video

Enzo Ferrari told the true story of the origin of the Prancing Horse badge only once.
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The horse was painted on the fuselage of the fighter plane piloted by Francesco Baracca, a famous World War 1 airman.

In 1923, Baracca’s mother told Enzo to put the horse on his cars, promising it would bring him good luck.

Ferrari met her request, and added to the emblem by placing the black horse on a yellow background – the colour of Modena.

The Ferrari shield appeared for the first time in 1932 on the Alfa Romeo’s of the Scuderia racing team at the Spa Grand Prix in Belgium.

The 1947 Ferrari 125 S, the first model built in Maranello, featured a rectangular badge on the bonnet with an Italian flag at the top and the word ‘Ferrari’ replacing the letters ‘S’ and ‘F’.

The badge has appeared largely unchanged on every Ferrari model produced since.

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