2013 Opel Allegra spy shots

Opel has been spotted testing its upcoming new city car which will slot beneath the Opel Corsa in terms of the showroom line-up. The new model will be the company's smallest car in the range.
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The official name of the new compact hatch is yet to be announced, with various publications around the world giving it the nickname the Opel 'Junior'. A more likely production name is said to be the Opel Allegra.

The all-new model will be pitched against rivals such as the Fiat 500 and the MINI Cooper, offering super fuel-efficient motoring paired with a compact design suitable for tight city driving. The new model will measure around 3.7m in length, showcasing a three-door-only hatch layout.

According to reports, the pint-sized Opel has been part of GM's plans for years, but it was put on hold due to a difference of opinion among company executives. With the market demand for compact city cars rising and rising in recent times, GM's European segment decided to go through with development.

Specific details of the car are yet to be finalised, but word has it the Opel will be offered with a variety of small three-cylinder petrol and diesel engine options. A fully electric version is also said to be on the cards for 2015.

It's too early to speculate if the small Opel will be heading to Australia. If it does join our local line-up, it likely won't take place until at least the second stage of the brand's introduction, after 2012. In Europe, the Opel Allegra is expected to hit the market in 2013.