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by Tim Beissmann

Toyota has released a video detailing its latest Vehicle Proximity Notification System (VPNS) – a system designed to improve the safety of pedestrians and other road users around near-silent hybrid and electric vehicles by emitting audible warnings – but don’t expect our Prius to get the technology any time soon.

Like Toyota’s VPNS, Nissan’s audio alert system emits high- and low-frequency tones at speeds from 0-30km/h, and switches back on once the vehicle’s speed drops below 25km/h. It also beeps when reversing, similar to a commercial vehicle.

AVSP can be switched off, but automatically defaults back to ‘on’ each time the car is turned on.

Do you think noisemaker technology is an important feature for all hybrid, electric and near-silent vehicles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.