The breathtaking Volvo Concept You has just been unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, previewing the design direction of the Swedish brand’s next large luxury sedan.
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The Volvo Concept You is an evolution of the Volvo Concept Universe that debuted at Auto Shanghai 2011 in April. While still very much a concept, the new design gives us a much clearer indication of the basic size, shape and styling elements to expect when Volvo launches its next flagship model.

Volvo Car Corporation President and CEO, Stefan Jacoby, admitted the Concept You gives the world a “good indication” of the brand’s next large sedan, potentially the car that will replace the ageing Volvo S80.

“The blend of contemporary Scandinavian design, exquisite craftsmanship and intuitive technology will appeal to luxury car buyers all over the world," Mr Jacoby said."We will compete with the best with our special kind of luxury. Volvo's cars are intuitive and uncomplicated. Our customers don't have to give away driving pleasure to drive safely. They can be environmentally conscious and still indulge the pure joy of owning a luxury car."

Volvo hasn’t revealed any powertrain or performance details of the Concept You, mostly because horsepower and displacement are not really the point of this car. Surprisingly, there’s little word about new safety features either, but we’re sure there’s plenty of innovation hiding below the surface.

The interior tech sounds truly amazing. A large tablet-style touchscreen in the centre console takes the place of all the usual switchgear. It’s linked to the fully digital instrument panel in the dashboard and a head-up display on the windscreen.

The central screen waits in sleep mode until the driver looks at it – a pair of infrared cameras tracks the driver’s eye movements – at which time it instantly comes to life.

The display incorporates all the usual infotainment and climate settings and provides full internet access. Front passengers can bring up any information on the screen and ‘swipe’ it to either the heads-up display or the touchscreen in the rear.

Volvo also says the Concept You features a new Alpine ‘FreshAir’ subwoofer, which weighs only 1.4kg, compared with a conventional subwoofer, which weighs around 15kg.

It’s also hard not to love the seatbacks, which are upholstered to look like business suits, and even incorporate pens in the pockets.

If this is the new direction of Volvo luxury, are you impressed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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