2007 BMW 1 Series 118i 120i 120d 130i

Even though the Motoring press has Given BMWs 1 Series the big thumbs down, there are a few of us out there who don't really have that much against the struggling 1 series. Anyway, 2007 sees the start of a new and revised 1 Series, with
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  • updated exterior and interior styling
  • increases in engine power
  • reductions in fuel consumption
  • a new four-cylinder diesel engine

All in all, the new 2007 models should be a much needed improvement for the 1 Series. Of course BMW is happy to let everyone know that its "winning" the small car over $40,000 category. Not exactly a category in firey contention. When it first came to Australia back in October 2004 the BMW 1 Series was seen as a bit of a gamble on BMWs part, but with 4,600 vehicles sold in Australia and 200,000 worldwide, seems like it was worth it!

The new 2007 models are expected to land in Australia around June/July, so if your going to buy a 1 series, I'd really wait around for another 5 months.

BMW has changed the front head lights with clear glass headlights now integrated in the bumpers to give the 1 series a sleeker look, furthermore a more dominant BMW kidney grille, wider air intake in the lower section of the bumper, as well as modifications to the design of the fog lights, front and rear air dams, rear lights and bumpers have all taken place for the face-lift.

Best of all though, the 1 Series now comes in diesel, a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel - the BMW 120d. The engine develops 125kW and 340Nm of torque, the baby diesel can get from 0-100 in a not to shabby 7.8 seconds. It can do this all for a very reasonable fuel economy of just 6.1 litres/100 kilometres, why is the fuel economy so good? Perhaps it has something todo with BMWs 6 speed automatic transmission which is standard on the 120d.

Apart from the 120d the 118i and 120i have gained an extra 5kw of power each using BMWs free revving and smooth four-cylinder VALVETRONIC engine. The 118i is now rated at 100kw and the 120i is putting out a reasonable 115 kW. The 118i has a fuel consumption of 7.6 liters/100km.

Thankfully, like most German car manufacturers, BMW doesn't skimp on gearboxes. The BMW 120i range comes equipped with standard six-speed manual gearbox and can reach 100km and hour in 7.6 seconds. For those that don't like to shift, there is the option of a six-speed automatic transmission.

If you were going to buy a 1 series and you couldn't afford an M1, then the 130i would be a good compromise, the new revised version uses 9.2 litres/100 kilometres, not too bad for a powerful engine putting out 200kWs! (and you hear Toyota going on and on about how great their 200kW Toyota Aurion is with its 9.9L fuel consumption).

2007 BMW 1 Series 118i 120i 120d 130i Interior

Other cool additions include a proper USB interface (option) so you stick your USB memory stick or MP3 player in there and listen to all your favourite tunes.Furthermore, to better distinguish the newer models from the old ones, a set of new colours in Montego Blue and Patagonia Green and newly styled alloy wheels will become available for the 118i, 120i and 120d models.

Also as champions of safety, BMW has introduced a daytime running lights function, using corona rings in the double round headlights. These are are incorporated in the bi-xenon headlight package (not standard). Furthermore the 1 Series comes with a choice of BMW’s Adaptive Headlights, or better known as "turn in" lights, that look into on coming road for you on winding roads.

Also, BMW has started using pressured brake lights on the new BMW 1 Series. The lights now operate in two levels of brightness depending on drivers brake pressure, whilst this may sound odd, the burning red LEDs in your eyes are sure to wake a driver following behind a clear and immediate signal, (not that it matters, as most cars on the road would be hard pressed having the same braking distance as the beamer).

At the moment BMW is tight lipped on full list of specifications and pricing for the Australian market, but don't worry, the second we know about it, you will too!