German Tow-away in Action

This poor BMW driver will get a nasty shock when they return to where their car once was, only to find that it has been lifted up onto a waiting flatbed truck and whisked off to a holding garage for an expensive collection process.
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CarAdvice is here in Frankfurt to cover the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, but that doesn’t mean the parking cops are going any easier on its citizens.

These are drastic measures that exist in a host of European cities and the financial penalties are as severe as the act of removing the vehicle itself.

This parking oversight could cost this driver up to €1000 euro to get the car back. If for some reason they don’t respond, or fail to collect the car, the German authorities will auction the car and retain the proceeds of that auction.

It’s a generally bad outcome for anyone but the parking Police and a stern waring to all those than don’t use parking stations. It always works out far less expensive than a fine and way less hassle too.

The whole process of removing the car on to flatbed took less than 10 minutes. These guys have it down to a fine art and once the initial wheel clamps are in place there is no turning back, as far as the authorities are concerned.