FondTech E-11 EV racer as quick as a Formula 3 car

It’s not pretty, but one former Formula One aero engineer believes the FondTech E-11 could represent the future of motorsport.
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Headed by one-time Ferrari F1 aerodynamist Jean-Claude Migeot, the E-11 project is FondTech’s take on the concept of a future Racing Electric Vehicle (F-REV).

Migeot says the single-seater will be as fast around a track as a conventional Formula 3 race car, yet use no fuel and produce zero emissions.

“We hope the vehicle will spark the curiosity and interest of the FIA,” Migeot said.“E-11 is by no means the pinnacle of F-REV design. Instead, it is a fusion of what is possible today utilising technology still in its infancy and bringing together many untried ideas.”

A series of lithium-ion batteries will power four electric motors – positioned one at each wheel.

With a total weight of just 800kg, the 300kW racer is expected to launch from 0-100km/h in just 3.2 seconds and go on to a top speed of 260km/h.

FondTech estimates the E-11 will have a racing range of around 50km, which would be enough to complete nine laps of Melbourne’s Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit.

The E-11 will be all-wheel drive and incorporate energy recovery and storage systems in its split-level carbon fibre chassis.

FondTech says a prototype of the E-11 will be ready for testing from the beginning of next year.

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