Opel RAK e Concept has 'production potential'

The Opel RAK e Concept is the latest in a series of personal urban mobility vehicles to be unveiled ahead of next week’s 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.
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Although it looks spacy and futuristic, Opel says the RAK e Concept has “production potential”, and believes it could “revolutionise urban transport, especially for younger drivers and those on very tight budgets”.

The Opel RAK e Concept is a laid out in a 1+1 tandem configuration (passenger directly behind driver), and claims to weigh around a third of a small modern car.

Inspired by the Opel Amera (better known as the Chevrolet Volt), the Opel RAK e Concept is a fully electric vehicle with a driving range of 97km and a top speed of 120km/h. Its designers say the compact package is “agile and fun to drive”.

Compact personal mobility vehicles have become the must-have item for automakers at this year’s Frankfurt show. The Opel RAK e will share the spotlight with the Audi Urban Concept and the Volkswagen Nils Concept, which are both similar EV designs.

Renault has beaten all of its competitors to the market, however, with the compact Renault Twizy already available to order in Europe, with deliveries scheduled for the beginning of 2012.

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