2008 Volvo V70 T6 review

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2008 Volvo V70 T6 review & road test

  • 2008 Volvo V70 T6 - $67,950 (RRP)

Engine, Transmission, Comfort, Economy, Space, Quality

Suspension can be confused, steering artificial, satnav

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Some pernicious comments about looks were thrown my way recently. Now I know that my nose is a tad on the winged-keel side, and that I'm about as handsome as a frog's achilles tendon, but the statements weren't about me.

No, they were about the car I was driving. The photos might give you a clue. You see, the Volvo V70 wagon I was driving, was big, long and black. "So, how's the hearse?" was a question I didn't quite know how to answer.

And speaking of water, in duck-friendly weather, the AWD grip is appreciated. Sure the balance on turn in initially communicates a nose-heavy tendency, but when you're really on it, the Haldex system gets the rears pushing just that bit more, to maintain a neutral stance.

Particularly at higher speeds does the V70 feel at home. This is the perfect car to lope across the countryside in. The term GT comes to mind, however let's not kid ourselves - it's not a sports car. The V70's role is as a family hack. But oh, what luxury the kids and the dog have.

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Sport is somewhere in the middle, but still crashes, yet doesn't improve the handling. Best to leave it in Advanced mode, and forget about it. Which is what you could say about steering feel, too.

Hearse? Shmearse! It's an easy car to live with day to day, is built to withstand a nuclear bomb, has acres of space, and still exudes quality to justify the price-tag. As a family-man, I'd happily park one in my driveway.

2008 Volvo V70 T6

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  • Engine: 3-litre inline 6-cylinder, turbocharged petrol
  • Power: 210kW @ 5600rpm
  • Torque: 400Nm @ 1500-4800rpm
  • Transmission: Geartronic Six Speed Automatic
  • Top Speed: 245km/h
  • 0-100km/h: 7.2 seconds
  • Fuel Consumption: 11.3 litres / 100km (Combined)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 70 litres
  • Fuel Type: 95RON Unleaded Petrol
  • Airbags: Front, Side, Seat & Curtain
  • Safety: ABS, DTCS, EBA, EBD,
  • Tyres: Pirelli P Zero
  • Weight: 1,933kg
  • Wheels: 18-inch