Citroen will unveil a new MPV concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show next week called the Citroen Tubik Concept. The company has also revealed early preview design images of the futuristic sports van.
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Citroen says the Citroen Tubik Concept was designed as a modern take on early Citroen vans of the 1930s and 1940s, showcasing similar design traits to the Citroen TUB and in particular, the Type H, with its extended nose. Citroen says the new MPV was created as an executive shuttle with an emphasis on being comfortable and fun.

Inside, the Citroen Tubik features a "lounge-style cacoon" offering seating for up to nine people. There's leather-covered floors, felt seats and mood lighting for the ultimate in interior comfort, while a large LCD screen is used for all of the Tubik's on-board infotainment systems.

Underneath it all, the Citroen Tubik features PSA's Hybrid4 technology, comprising an all-wheel drive system and an electric motor/diesel engine hybrid powertrain.

Specific details of the motor and engine are yet to be revealed but the electric motor will be placed at the rear of the Tubik, powering the rear wheels, while the diesel engine will provide combustion power for the front wheels.

Other highlights include 22-inch wheels, Citroen's Hydractive suspension system which lowers the car for improved aerodynamics at higher speeds, flip-down head rests, and no rear windows. The lack of windows will reportedly be replaced by a series of cameras which will provide external views for the driver.

Full details of the Citroen Tubik Concept will be revealed at the concept's official unveiling on September 13 at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. We'll keep you updated with all the coverage.

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