Honda has revealed some details and an image of the new facelifted 2012 Honda Insight it will unveil at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 13. The updated Insight hybrid will feature more advanced aerodynamics which will push CO2 emission figures down below the 100g/km mark.
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The 2012 Honda Insight will feature a revised front end that will bring improved aerodynamics, including a new front grille and slightly revised lower air intakes in the lower corners. Honda says the rear spoiler has also been reduced in size, improving rear visibility.

The main changes that will help get the emission figure down include a redesigned CVT transmission will which sap less power from the engine and a redesigned air-conditioning system that will also place less load on the engine. Overall emissions will be rated at 96g of CO2 per kilometre.

Honda says some changes to the suspension have also been made to the new 2012 Honda Insight, bringing an improvement to ride comfort and stability. Inside, the facelifted Honda Insight will feature a slightly refreshed layout promising higher quality materials and finishes.

Full details of the 2012 Honda Insight will be revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show which starts on September 13. Stay tuned for our full coverage.