Pop star singer Justin Bieber has got himself into a small crash with a Honda Civic while driving a black Ferrari California in Studio City, Los Angeles, US. According to reports, neither Bieber or the driver of the Honda Civic were injured in the bingle.
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(image for illustration purposes, not actual car)

Witnesses say it was only a minor incident which caused some damage to the cars. Interestingly, various reports say Justin Bieber was driving someone else's Ferrari California at the time of the incident, but we're sure that he could afford to buy a new one for the owner as a courtesy replacement.

According to a police statement the driver of the Honda Civic slightly blocked the Ferrari in while inside a parking lot on Bluffside Drive. A TMZ report said the damage sustained was so insignificant that the drivers didn't even exchange details.

Even so, 17-year-old Bieber and his crew did call the police to the incident though, just in case... or perhaps to kick up a bit more publicity.

Justin Bieber has be known to have an interest in Italian supercars, owning a black Ferrari 430 (pictured). He was also given a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder on his 16th birthday by rap singer P.Diddy.