$420,000 for a Fiat 500?

We all love cars here at CarAdvice, so much so that somehow we can rationalise selling the house, hell even the kids when it comes to buying a super-expensive supercar, but as much as we love the supercool Fiat 500, we really wouldn't pay $420,000 for one!
$420,000 for a Fiat 500?
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Fiat says there are currently over 100,000 people (worldwide) patiently waiting for their new Fiat to arrive, but one buyer was happy to $420,000 for that privilege. Of course, it's not your standard Fiat 500.

No no, it doesn't have twin-turbos and 500kW of power, and it can't beat Jet Fighter in a drag race, but it does have artwork on its body which is designed and painted by acclaimed English artist Tracey Emin. The car is called ‘Dark, Dark, Dark’.

$420,000 for a Fiat 500?

The money went to ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) charity, which also auctioned off diamonds, a safari holiday, a speaking role in actress Uma Thurman’s next film, Eloise in Paris, use of a luxury yacht, fashion pieces and other works of art. That all amounted to a massive $51 million raised for children.

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