2012 Lotus Exige Spy Photos

More photos of the upcoming Lotus Exige have been sent our way following more prototypes being tested in Europe. We brought you photos of the new Exige track testing earlier this month but now we can get a better look at the front and back.
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From the front, the new Lotus Exige is set to follow design directions more in line with the Lotus Evora, whilst the rear looks like it may an all-new design. Some sources have suggested the new Exige may indeed be powered by the same 3.5-litre Toyota sourced engine found in the Evora.

We are talking about 200kW in standard form and hopefully around 260kW for the Exige S.

From the photos we can predict the new Exige is likely to be wider than before and also sport bigger brakes. Although still 18 months away, expect to see more photos of the new Exige as the 2013 deadline gets closer.

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