BMW is developing an automated ConnectedDrive Connect system which uses GPS, radar sensors, lidar sensors and video cameras to determine the car's position on the road and calculate the surroundings. At highway speeds, the cruise control system is able to overtake slower cars all by itself, with no driver input whatsoever.
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BMW has already begun testing the technology on the streets. When the ConnectedDrive Connect cruise control feature is activated, the BMW drives all by itself at speeds up to 130km/h. The vehicle then constantly investigates the road ahead and 360-degree surroundings. If a slower car in front is detected, the BMW ConnectedDrive Connect system will pull into another lane, if it is safe to do so, and overtake the car.

Once past the slower vehicle, the system will then return the BMW into the lane it was travelling in. If there is no room to overtake a slower car, the ConnectedDrive system will apply the brakes, leaving a safe travelling distance between it and the next car.

BMW says the technology isn't quite ready for the production just yet and is continuing to do all kinds of tests. BMW has so far logged up 5000km conducting tests in real-world traffic conditions.