Volkswagen 7-seat SUV on the way: report

In a bid to provide more competition in the US market and to increase overall sales, Volkswagen is reportedly planning a new seven-seat SUV, said to be larger than the current Volkswagen Touareg.
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(Volkswagen Touareg pictured)

Volkswagen is aiming to be the biggest global car manufacturer by 2018, and to help make that happen, Volkswagen is aiming to provide cars for each segment in the market, and particularly the US. At a recent press conference, Volkswagen US CEO Jonathon Browning said,

"The most important thing is to have the right vehicles, priced correctly. Our focus is to penetrate deeper into those segments."

According to a report by The Detriot News, Browning said a new seven-seat Volkswagen SUV would be larger than the Volkswagen Touareg but it would enter the market at a cheaper price than the current flagship SUV.

Browning said the new seven-seater would be priced higher than the Volkswagen Tiguan though. Specific details on possible running gear and trim levels are yet to be discussed.

Volkswagen is very serious about providing for the US market, with other models in the lineup increasingly being adapted specifically to suit the US.

The new Volkswagen Passat is one recent example. The previous model was only available in limited variants in the US, but now, the US-spec Passat - which is built in the US - caters for around 80 per cent of the mid-sized car market thanks to the addition of a number of turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol models.

Overall Volkswagen sales are up 22 per cent in the US this year, not including other Volkswagen Group brand sales such as Audi.

Globally, Volkswagen is currently on track to sell 7.69 million vehicles this year, overtaking Toyota's projected figure of 7.33 million. General Motors, on the other hand, is expected to top 8.65 million vehicle sales, placing it in top spot.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on more concrete details of the new seven-seat Volkswagen SUV as soon as possible.