Voting for the Ford Ranger Global Challenge will open to the public next week. Ranger fans will be able to select their favourite of the five finalists that were announced by Ford at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne last month.
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Earlier this year, Ford asked Australians to suggest ideas for a new Ford Ranger marketing campaign - known as the Ford Ranger Global Challenge - asking the public share their ideas of the ultimate challenge to test the capabilities of the upcoming Ford Ranger.

The five finalist entries that have been selected can be viewed at
Video footage of each of the challenges will be put up onto the website on September 1, at the same time that voting opens.

The ultimate challenge idea with the most votes will win an all-new Ford Ranger and their ultimate challenge will be part of Ford's new marketing campaign for the Ford Ranger. Ford Australia's vice president for marketing, sales and service, Beth Donovan, recently said about the challenge,

"All around the world, truck users take their vehicles to task, pushing them hard every day. Whether they are delivering goods, working for the emergency services or driving them in mines hundreds of feet below the surface, we understand they rely on their truck to deliver."We want to show exactly what the new Ranger can do so we've put it in the hands of Australian customers to push it to its limits."We believe the new Ranger is a smart and tough truck and we want consumers to know that too by seeing how our participants put the all-new Ranger through its paces."

Winning finalists and their ideas include:

Caleb the Chippy (SA)
Challenge: Caleb sought to prove the all-new Ranger's "Built Ford Tough" claim by putting it through a punishing, non-stop 40-hour endurance test.

Far North Fisherman Terry (QLD)
Challenge: Terry put the all-new Ford Ranger to work in his fisheries surveying business located in the wilds of far-north Queensland.

The Car Crusher (VIC)
Challenge: The "car crusher" tested the all-new Ranger to its limits during the daily grind of running his pig farm.

Action John (WA)
Challenge: Action John tested if the all-new Ford Ranger could survive the bruising daily punishment of working in his freight company, located in north-west Western Australia.

Skier Steve (VIC)
Challenge: Skier Steve tested if the all-new Ford Ranger could survive the hard work his Falls Creek's company dished out during Victoria's icy snow season.

The all-new Ford Ranger will hit local showrooms in October this year.