BMW 1 Series M Coupe tuning fail

There's tasteful ways to tune and modify cars and there's not-so tasteful ways, the latter of which has obviously been applied to this poor BMW 1 Series M Coupe which was recently found sitting in a car park, wearing a variety of embarrassing colours and trimmings.
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The 1 M eyesore was found sitting in a car park by a Teamspeed forum member recently who just had to stop and capture some images to share, and to ensure he wasn't hallucinating.

It showcases multicoloured wheels front to rear and side to side, with a very simple blue painted over the original BMW 1 M wheels on the front right, and a mismatching very simple red colour painted over the standard rear wheels on the right, and vice versa on the other side.

Oddly, the headlights and taillights of this unfortunate 1 M have been painted over as well, in body-matching white. We're not sure how the driver sees at night, or how other motorists see when the car braking, it's very likely to be an illegal modification.

Then there's the pièce de résistance; a 1990s Ford Escort RS Cosworth rear wing mounted onto the rear windscreen and roof. On the RS Escort, it's very dramatic and perhaps over the top. But it's well suited to the era and to the rest of the car. On a 2011 BMW, it's beyond tacky.

We could be wrong though, what do you think of this strangely tuned BMW 1 M Coupe? Feel free to go nuts in the comments section below.