SsangYong has released some early teaser images of a SsangYong Concept XUV 1; a compact SUV it plans on unveiling at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany next month. The concept features wrap-around glass windows and will preview design elements that future SsangYong road cars will exhibit.
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Perhaps the most striking part of the Concept XUV 1 is the sheer amount of glass used in its design. The windscreen appears to wrap all the way around to the rear C-pillars, with very thin, almost non-existent A- and B-pillars in between. There's also a full glass roof which extends to the tailgate.

Inside, the seats can be swapped around to provide a number of different layouts, including 1+1+2 or 1+3. We're not entirely sure how this works but it could mean there's only one seat in the front, the driver's seat, while two rows behind are interchangeable.

Since the concept is called XUV 1 (Excellent User Interface Vehicle 1) you'd be correct in thinking there is loads of communication technology on offer. Almost all of the vehicle's controls and settings are navigable through a central dashboard. This dashboard can also be linked up to a mobile device for remote access.

More innovative features and other knick-knacks are expected to be revealed upon the XUV 1's full unveiling next month. The show starts on September 13. Stay tuned for our full coverage.