Subaru Impreza Coupe by 2010

This is the boy-racer Impreza we all know and love. Subaru has announced it will produce a coupe version of its Impreza hatchback by 2010.
Subaru Impreza Coupe revealed?
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According to AutoExpress, this is the result of Subaru's joint venture with Toyota to create an affordable sports coupe, taking on the likes of the Nissan 350Z and upcoming 200SX replacement.

This will be the first two-door Impreza from Subaru in almost a decade, not seen since 399 of the first-generation STi Impreza's were imported as a two-door exclusively for the Australian market - the 400th fell off the boat.

The coupe takes obvious styling cues from the hatch, but features a much lower slung roof line thanks to the deleted rear doors, and a more aggressive approach on the current Impreza front end.

The engine line-up will be on par with the current range, with a naturally aspirated and turbocharged STi-spec version of the 2.5-litre boxer engine - and that's only if it makes it to Australia.

As earlier reports suggested, the AWD system will be dropped for entry level models in favour of a lightweight, more affordable rear-drive setup.

Source: AutoExpress